snowMakers provides a Social Producing Platform which will changethe course of the entertainment industry. Fans will now have a major part in producing a star.

We provide fair sharing
for artists and users.

We offer opportunity for anyone
to become an artist.

We provide the key to opportunity,
management and O2O services.

snowMakers is a social media entertainment platform.The stages of production include pre-production (casting, training),production, marketing (promotion, advertising, promotional activities), and distribution (debut, publishing).

All users including artists, creators, fans and partners will be able to take part in each stage directlyor indirectly through activities such as investment or support andreceive rewards while becoming a star or making a star.

snowMakers is not a platform that steals or competes for users of existing social media or platforms. It is a platform that helps earn additional revenue by expanding the fandom while maintaining the existing services or platforms. snowMakers is committed to becoming a positive influence throughout the entertainment industry where it can create more fandom based on the synergistic effects with existing channels.

snowMakers is not a social media whose sole purpose is making a star or an influencer. It aims to provide a platform where all users who have skills required in the entertainment industry such as vocalists, songwriters, choreographers, photographers and video producers can communicate and grow. Any user can share their talents or skills, or invest in the talents and skills of others.


Social Media Activity

Artists update videos and sound recordings to their profile in snowMakers.
Users can follow, share and sponsor using Cube.

Users are compensated via Iceball.


Auditions and Contests

Fans can vote for the artists they support during the auditions and contests.
Fan can sponsor with Cube.
Audition and contest results are only judged by voting users.

Users are compensated via Iceball.


Casting and Training

Artists can be trained through various O2O and B2B services
including Academy, A&R and Management
by Cube, which is sponsored by the fan.

In O2O and B2B, Management can sponsor and cast artists with S.V.C.


Production and Commerce

Artists can utilize Cube
to distribute music (production) and create performances.
The research function in services allow you to create
various missions and interact with fans.

Fans can use Cube in various commerce such as concert tickets,
music purchases and research activity participation.

snowMakers uses Luniverse, a blockchain service platform introduced by Lambda256. Lambda256 is a global blockchain research center established by Dunamu which operates Upbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea.

With Luniverse, snowMakers plans to set up a safe and convenient development and operation environment and receive various support. Luniverse provides a comprehensive service to help users conveniently configure the development environment and token economy such as sidechains, token issuance and management, Smart Contract, and operation and utility service.

LuniverseIt consists of four layers: Portal, API (Application Programming Interface), Service and Common

snowMakerssnowMakers will also configure layers based on the architecture of Luniverse and have various APIs, security in Smart Contract, blockchain operation and utility service in the API and Service layers.

Technical Specifications of Luniverse

TPS 1,200 ~ 2,000

Block check time: 1 second (Enhanced PoA)

Gas (Fee): Not Applicable

The Luniverse platform has block creation time of 1 second, maximum performance of 2,000 TPS and no gas fees.

snowMakers plans to use the On-premise Mainnet Service of Luniverse considering the development of operation of Mainnet in the future.

Exclusive Wallet: SnowGlobe

snowMakers plans to develop and release its dedicated cryptocurrency wallet, Snowglobe. Users will be able to create a wallet and log in using credentials such as phone number, social ID and email address. When a transaction occurs to send money or launch Smart Contract, two-factor authentication such as Bio-Authentication, OTP and PIN will be supported to enhance security. With familiar interfaces, simplified sign-up and management features, we will help users explore the snowMakers platform more easily with the exclusive wallet.

Consensus Algorithm: PoO (Proof of Object)

snowMakers uses PoO (Proof Of Object), a new object verification consensus algorithm that combines DLPoS (Delegated Logical Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm which is an advanced format of the existing DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and PoC (Proof of Contribution) concept that uses consensus based on user contribution on the Luniverse platform