#1 The Beginning of snowMakers

  • 12월 26, 2018

Hello from the snowMakers team.

snowMakers started thinking about a snow-drenched entertainment town in the summer that was hotter than ever before in 2018. As we envisioned the blockchain-based snowMakers, we envisioned a new platform where users create stars together through social activities in their daily lives.

Korea’s entertainment industry continues to grow as one of the largest in the world. The overall growth of the entertainment industry, including KPOP, movies, dramas and entertainment shows, is on the rise. The entertainment industry has a lot of problems with this rapid growth. The current status and problems of the entertainment industry that snowMakers want to solve are described in our white paper.

snowMakers is not just a platform for creating celebrities or stars. snowMakers wants to create an ecosystem where all users can enjoy content while being content producers. You can ask yourself if you can create these ecosystems without blockchain – of course, you can make it without a blockchain. However, it is not possible to create a service that focuses on entertainment where fair compensation is given to all users where the entire process is transparently disclosed. snowMakers want to use blockchain to transparently share all processes such as casting, audition and training.

The Key Value of snowMakers

If you’re texting in an audition program, it’s almost impossible to make sure that all the data and costs are accurately reflected when making your ranking public on a music broadcast. snowMakers emphasizes transparency in these capabilities as well as in all the services and features offered by the platform. In addition, we are designing to ensure that all users receive as much fair compensation as they do while using the service.

We provide reasonable rewards and motivate users to use the platform so that all of these activities and services can continue to grow on a one-off basis. snowMakers is a blockchain based global social media platform. While setting entertainment as a primary target, activities such as voting, sharing, goods, gifts, and so on are directed toward social media that is commonly used by all users.

In the future, we will share all of snowMakers’ business, partner affiliation, development status and more on our Medium blog. We’re all going to grow into a global social media that can be stars, influencers, and creators. Please join us in the development of snowMakers.