#2 The Journey Ahead

  • 1월 2, 2019

Representative Letter

snowMakers! 2019 will be an important year for sales, investment and development for platforms and businesses as a whole.

A snowmakers platform and a strategic partnership with our strategic partners to keep the industry running smoothly will also be in demand. This is critical not only after service release, but also for funding service development, three-dimensional configuration of services and pre-marketing of services. And this year, content and celebrity-focused marketing (Artificial Intelligent based music releases, events, social contribution programs, campaigns, etc.) are implemented through this partnership. In addition, local and national auditions can be conducted in partnership to enter users immediately after the service is released. With these preparations, we will commence in December 2019.

In 2020, the company will establish the structure of its subsidiaries, affiliates and related companies supporting snow Makers, including blockchain, commerce, entertainment and AI record labels, hold global broadcasting auditions and make its services more sophisticated.

In 2022, we will make one of the most compelling platforms in the world – based on the number of active users, volume of data, recognition and more. We will provide entertainment total services based on blockchain. If anyone wants to do a global entertainment business, we can use EBaaS (Entertainment Blockchain as a Service) thru snowMakers. We also conduct space businesses like Amazon that maximize online and offline user experience. It’s not just a community offline cafe, but a place where you can experience, acquire and enjoy your lifestyle, including food and beverage, goodies and performances. As a result of all this effort, we can become the number one entertainment company in Korea.

In addition, the IT sector expects to generate unique results in the use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment sector. We will make the most of our social production UX with artificial intelligence algorithm technology by leveraging the human emotional big data accumulated from the snowMakers platform.


We will be the world’s best social media player, the number one Asian entertainment company and lifestyle business leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

snowMakers is available.