#3 Luniverse and snowMakers

  • 1월 9, 2019

Development Partner of snowMakers

snowMakers has partnered with Lambda 256, a development research institute for Dunamu, which runs the cryptocurrency exchange Upbit. The snowMakers team develops via ‘Luniverse’, which is Lambda256’s BaaS (Blockchain as a Service).

Luniverse is a blockchain-based cloud platform built on a self-network and distributed governance with blockchain as a service platform. snowMakers also has layers based on the Luniverse architecture. API and service layer include various APIs and smart contract security, blockchain operation, utility service, etc.

Lunivers Blockchain Service,

The five structural features of the Luniverse platform include:

① Scalability: Luniverse supports chain sharing with sharing applied to side chain. snowMakers can operate multiple side chains simultaneously when performance needs to be expanded.

② High Availability: Luniverse systems are based on redundant configurations. This enables you to quickly respond to errors caused by snowMakers’ internal or external factors, increasing the availability of services.

③ Disaster Recovery: In the event of an emergency, the disaster recovery system is activated to handle all requests, including recovery of existing production systems. Operations such as rollback, backup and synchronization can be performed at any time.

④ Independent Workspace (Isolation): Configures a blockchain dedicated to snowMakers, providing independent networks, computing and storage on the Luniverse platform. It can be controlled so that only certain groups can access it when working with other DApps.

⑤ Secure Access and Key Management: Because the key management system is configured in multiple ways, it encrypts and manages each of the required data keys, along with the user’s private key. Various hacking attempts, forgery or modulation attempts are available. snowMakers offer the same level of security as the Luniverse security level and a key management system to provide high security.

snowMakers aims to build a main net starting with a test net on the Luniverse platform by the end of the year, and initially develop a snowGlobe, the self-encrypting wallet based on Bitberry, a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to sign in and sign in with your Kakao and Google accounts on the Luniverse platform. snowGlove aims to complete the development by March 2019.

Partnerships with Luniverse are expected to provide reliable and rapid development and will help address the technical challenges of many blockchains. We will share the development status of snowMakers through our official Medium blog and various communication channels.

In the future, you can find out more about the development of snowMakers in a separate section. Please pay close attention to snowMakers’ development and the Luniverse Partnership.