#4 The snowMakers Goal

  • 1월 16, 2019

Problems in the Existing Entertainment Industry

snowMakers wants to help solve and supplement the problems of the existing entertainment industry. The goal of solving everything with blockchain is not realistic. snowMakers is not focused on solving all the problems in the entertainment industry although we will make a strong effort to do so one step at a time. Through content and social media activities that can be enjoyed in daily life, we want to create a place where consumers and producers can participate and find enjoyment. Also, we want to solve the unreasonable structure of the entertainment industry, the problems it causes and share fair compensation for all participants at the same time. We’d like to share not everyone’s equal reward, but the rewards of both pleasure, as well as the monetary reward of the activities involved and contributed.

The Flow of Entertainment Industry Based on K-POP

If you look at the trends of the entertainment industry centered on K-POP, a number of singer/songwriters were produced in the early stages of the industry from 1970s to 1990s. In addition, systematic music production and media management have begun to accompany them. From the late 1990s and 2000s, the heyday of idol groups was held, and the management system, which is strongly influenced by the leader of the entertainment agency, was completed. Since then, various auditions that were key to storytelling and mutual communication with viewers received attention. From Superstar K to Produce 101, various auditions were held and brought to the forefront. Auditions are still the platform for creating new stars. Auditions are also continuing to create new social media-based stars. With 100,000 subscribers and 1 million subscribers, influencers are making profits just as much as celebrities. Social media-based influencers have become increasingly influential, including cable TV and terrestrial TV broadcasts.

However, the entertainment industry has concentrated its power on large entertainment companies and production companies that are competitive with capital, existing infrastructure and networks and broadcasting stations with large audiences. In this process, a lot of revenue goes to the centralized tier.

The survival-style audition program is a one-time event in which only top-ranked participants receive spotlight, while those who fail to do so disappear. There are many participants who are talented, but disappear without being able to shine in the limited environment of competition. New media such as YouTube and Instagram can also generate revenue from only a handful of influencers. The majority of individual media is struggling and unprofitable.

The existing market and the market for snowMakers.

In addition, many fans and the public have been able to participate in limited fandom through one-sided love and support, but not transparent ranking and selection processes, and unidentifiable fostering processes. In addition, while overseas K-POP is growing, global fans are limited.

snowMakers provides a foundation for sustainable artists, influencer and content creators to work, not just one-time events. All activities are transparent and can participate directly in the training of the supporting artists and trainees. It also provides the platform user with the opportunity to become an artist, an influencer, as well as the person consuming the content. All of these activities are recorded and calculated as contributions and returned to a fair reward for all participants.

snowMakers wants to solve the problems of the entertainment industry through social media (social production), which is easy to use in daily life, while creating an ecosystem that naturally creates fandom. We are preparing a variety of services and functions which you can find the details in the snowMakers white paper. Keep a lookout for snowMakers!