#9 snowMakers enters the scene

  • 3월 26, 2019

Luniverse officially launched, and snowMakers has been made public

On March 19, the official opening event of Luniverse 2.0 of Lambda256 was held at the GS Tower in Seoul. Lambda256 has become a separate corporation to push through the blockchain platform business from the organization of internal research institute of Dunamu. Major partners of Luniverse were unveiled on Blooming Day, while snowM (service provider of snowMakers) was revealed along with other partners.

snowMakers has formed a strategic partnership with Lambda256 to develop a blockchain service based on Luniverse since last year. It consists of a side chain on Luniverse, which is the same area that all partners develop. There are three main reasons why snowMakers has partnered with Luniverse.

● Firstly, easy access and usability.

It provides plug-ins for development environments, which are typical block chain such as Atom and Remix, and makes it easy to migrate and develop existing development environments. This allows the developer to create smart contracts in a familiar development environment. It’s easy to develop and highly accessible, so it can shorten the overall development period. With shorter development time, we can save money and add a variety of development capabilities. In addition, token issuance and management can also be easily created and managed via the GUI.

● Secondly, performance and functionality.

Luniverse creates blocks in one second, and offers a seamless performance of up to 2,000 TPS services. Support for the Luniverse wallet provides secure management, including private key archiving and backup. Based on the Luniverse main chain, side chains based on Ethereum and Hyperledger are also available. If you are developing a Dapp on Luniverse, you can also add a variety of settings and features. With a gas-free side chain, it’s easy to deal with a lot of transactions, and it’s also very helpful to get users in.

● Lastly, support policy and partnership.

A variety of benefits and support will be available depending on the partner level with Luniverse. Various incubation and investment services, separate communication channels with partners and development support will be provided by Lambda256. At least 0.5 to 5 million dollors investment support programs are available depending on development and service levels. We have expected that the partnership with Luniverse would help us to prepare for stable, fast development and services.

snowMakers is a social entertainment platform. We have divided the existing star management system into stages so that users can participate in any stage they wish. Social producing with user activities and support creates artists and influencers.

snowMakers is an official partner of Luniverse, and we will do our best to ensure that rapid and stable development through the launch of formal services in the future.

We will focus on the service development so that snowMakers can also participate in the next Luniverse public event. The development and progress of snowMakers will be notified through various channels including our official Medium blog and KakaoTalk Plus Friends application.

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