#8 Introducing the snowMakers’ Advisory Board

  • 2월 22, 2019

The Industry’s Top Experts

snowMakers is comprised with experts from the blockchain and IT industry as well as entertainment. Experts in each industry participate as an official advisor for snowMakers, giving direct advice on the snowMakers platform and ecosystem configuration.

Advisors closely participate in snowMakers’ activities, not just lending their reputation. They will provide their expertise and experience to advise snowMakers to move in a positive direction.

snowMakers’ advisors are divided into blockchain, technology and entertainment.

snowMakers’ development and blockchain technology is led by Sang-Sik Joo, currently head of SM Entertainment CT-AI Laboratory, has been working for SM Entertainment for 16 years, working on SM’s advanced technology and digital strategies. He is an information system security expert and has a high knowledge in blockchain.

CEO of Able Labs, Joon-Tak Yoon, participates as an advisor for token economy design and blockchain-based service structure design. Yoon has been involved in snowMakers’ token economy design and whitepaper from the beginning of the project to produce high-quality results.

Eun-Chul Lee, Head of Bitfury Korea, is an expert on data and blockchain. Lee, a Computer Engineering major is widely known as an Olympic Gold Medalist in Rifle Shooting in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and World Championships. Lee served as the Korean representative for Treasure Data, a data analysis company, and joined Bitfury in 2018. He has given advice on the entire blockchain industry.

Jin-Young Kim, CEO of ROA Invention Lab, is considered one of the leading platform experts in Korea and is participating as an advisor in order to build a platform for snowMakers. Kim founded ROA Consulting after Softbank, has founded and operated ROA Invention Lab, a startup accelerator and is responsible for platform consulting and business development for domestic and foreign startups and large companies. Kim will connect the snowMakers platform to business expansion, O2O expansion and partnerships.

In the entertainment field, the industry’s leading experts are involved as advisors.

Producer Min-Ho Lee participates as an advisor for broadcasting and audition programs. Lee worked as a producer and director of foreign production of MBC’s Entertainment Bureau responsible for sitcoms such as “Non-Stop,” entertainment program “Exclamation Mark” and “Fantastic Partnership.” He was the Chief Producer of such popular programs as “Music Center,” “Infinite Challenge,” “We’re Married” and “The Great Birth.” Recently, he has been active in overseas productions of the Chinese Zhejiang Satellite real variety program called “Federation of Challenges” and the drama “Going to the Year 2000.” Lee looks forward to helping snowMakers audition, broadcast and content production.

Ki-Sung Kim, Representative of School Enterprise at Seoul Institute of the Arts, served as president of SBS CNBC after serving as a correspondent in New York and Director of the news bureau. In addition to our partnership with Seoul Institute of the Arts, he will provide practical advice on media-related educational programs and training.

CEO of HappyTribe Entertainment, Hae-Ik Jung, is a 20+ year veteran in the domestic entertainment industry. He managed idol groups such as HOT, SES and Shinhwa at SM Entertainment and a former CEO at SM Entertainment. He co-founded SidusHQ, responsible for managing group GOD. He will provide various advice on management for snowMakers’ artists and influencers.

Won-Min Lee, CEO of WM Entertainment, is the creator of many idol groups including ‘Oh My Girl,’ ‘B1A4’ and ‘ONF’. He is an entertainment professional who has been recognized for his experience in managing artists by winning the award for the Best Hallyu Content from Minister of Culture.

In addition to the current advisor group, snowMakers will unveil additional advisors in the areas of blockchain, technology and entertainment. Additional overseas advisors will participate to create a global social entertainment platform. Stay tuned for updates on the Advisor Group that will lead snowMakers into the future.

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