SVC : Snow Value Coin

SVC’s role on the platform is preserving the value of snowMakers.
Only the utility token of snowMakers, Cubes, can be exchanged for SVC.
SVC can be exchanged for Cubes; however, it cannot be converted into snowballs.


Cubes are used for many purposes on the platform for participating in various events, receiving rewards and making payments. They can be converted into SVC which is used as a utility token on the snowMakers platform and also can be exchanged for other crypto or fiat currencies.

In particular, since Cubes are used in Cube funding (crowdfunding), snowballs earned through activities on the platform are eventually used in the funding for the development of the same platform.


Snowballs cannot be purchased with any other resources.

Instead, they can only be created from activity on the platform. Snowballs represent a user’s contribution and reputation earned from his or her activities rather than a monetary value. Earning Snowballs increases the user’s level and according to the level, different conversion rates apply when converting them into cubes, a utility token on the snowMakers network.

Every contribution made by users through social producing will be measured in the form of Snowball.

Snowball is not a token; it indicates one’s experience or contribution.

Snowballs can be converted into Cubes, a utility token that can only be used within the platform for various purposes such as participating in events, receiving rewards and making payments.

Furthermore, Cubes can be exchanged for SVC (Snow Value Coin), which will be listed in the exchange and can be traded with other crypto or fiat currencies.

TGE (Token Generation Event) of SVC is an event whose purpose is developing
the snowMakers platform and creating an ecosystem based on the platform.

Users can participate in the TGE through the payment of cryptocurrency (Ethereum).
Details of the TGE will be announced on the communication channels (homepage, social media, etc.).